Many people choose to believe and practice Earth Magic, which is also known as Witch Craft or White Magic, because it  uses positive thinking, plus ritual and visualization, and various results can be created for those who believe.


So just what is a White Witch? Though still a witch, a White Witch will use their powers for good and to help people, the opposite of a Black Witch that would only use their powers to harm and hurt others.


Anything witchy or to do with magic has long been associated with evil or con-artists pretending to be do fake magic. The ‘spells’ a user has could make something a success or even help someone achieve their goals. Magic can also be a good thing and can be used to do good, and a White Magic user can use this  to help people with individual problems after everything else they have tried has not worked for them. An example of  these ‘spells’ is a belief called electroparanormal power, which can be compared to the Force that is used in the Star Wars films, it’s dorment and can be manipulated for good or bad purposes.


Maybe it’s because of the cheesy and corny use of ‘magic’ the media has often labeled this kind of positive healing as ‘spells’ which could give it a negative connotation, when that isn’t the case at all. Whether something is bad or good often really just depends on what you believe in, and having a religious belief may influence you in terms of your opinion. However everything is often down to the individual.


By utilizing this positive power, a White Magic user aims to help people with any problems that they might have, whether it’s luck in love, finance or even employment, to find lost pets, an alternative method of healing, to bring someone more good luck and even to get rid of hauntings and poltergeist activity.